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October 2, 2018
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Top Wedding Venues in Toronto

We all like to dream, especially when we’re planning our wedding. After all, dreaming is half the fun of planning a wedding.

Which is why you’re here on the internet looking at amazing wedding venues.

Whether or not you can afford these top wedding venues in Toronto, each setting offers a ton of inspiration to wedding planners across the nation.

Here are the top wedding venues in Toronto to inspire and intrigue you.

The Crystal Ballroom

The Omni Hotel and Resort has a more than one beautiful wedding venue, but for us the top is The Crystal Ballroom. Perhaps it’s the grand bar, the amazing views, or those sparkling chandeliers – who knows. But it’s worth hitting the link and watching the video, if only for wedding inspiration.

Château Le Parc

Yes, Château Le Parc has everything you need to make your wedding a success, taking care of every detail – from a restaurant that crafts decadent meals, to exclusive underground parking. But most importantly it has a drop-dead gorgeous courtyard (scroll down for pics of the courtyard) which is pulled from the dreams of everyone who has ever desired an outdoor wedding.

Ivy Lane Estates

Ivy Lanes is truly the complete package. From classic cars to beautiful bars, this giant estate has it all, and all of it is absolutely stunning. Take a look at their gallery and try to keep your jaw closed.


The name is a byword for luxury, and this venue certainly lives up to its name. The Shangi-La gives you the luxury of hosting your reception in a beautiful ballroom, then, following it up with an equally charming suite.

Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music

From the Koerner Hall to the Atrium, the Royal Conservatory of Music has an array of gorgeous venues to choose from. Though it might be fun to get married in the Koerner Hall, we’re particularly taken with the Atrium, which features tons of natural light, along with some beautiful architecture.

Top Wedding Venues in Toronto

We’re not going to tell you these venues are the only amazing venues in Toronto, or even the best for you. After all, there are hundreds of dazzling venues in the GTA, and each couple has different requirements for their big day.

However, each of the venues above does offer inspiration you can take away for your big day, leaving you a little better off by simply browsing pictures of the above venues.

But don’t stop there! Keep searching and you will find even more inspiration to create the perfect wedding.